Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Pipe and Plumbing Leak Water Damage?

There are few things more awful than coming come to a room full of water as a result of a leak. When it comes to water damage, home insurance companies can be tricky to navigate as some instances are covered while others are not.

While Florida insurance companies do often cover sudden and unexpected water damage, they will not cover anything that happened over time and you, as the owner, may be stuck with the cost of it.  Also, flooding is not covered unless separate coverage is purchased. Finally, certain parts of a broken or leaking pipe incident may be covered. Let’s take a more specific look at what is and isn’t covered by your standard homeowners insurance.

What is covered:

If the nature of the water damage is unexpected such as a burst pipe or ruptured water heater, there’s a good chance that your policy will provide you with compensation.

The key words are ‘accidental’ or ‘sudden’ – if those describe your situation, then you will likely be covered.

Your insurance policy covers your dwelling which consists of your walls, roof, floor, appliances, and mechanical systems. Also, it can cover your personal items but does have a cap on luxury items which may require the purchase of a rider to cover the total cost.

Finally, if you are unable to stay in your home due to the damage, your insurance policy should cover the living expenses such as hotel or transportation that are affected as a direct result of it.

What isn’t covered:

While insurance policies will cover sudden breaks, there are instances in which they may not. If an adjuster finds that there are signs of normal wear and tear or negligence on your part or that of a plumber, your claim may be denied. It is only in the instance that the pipes were properly maintained and malfunctioned that the insurance company will cover the damage.

Sewage backup and flooding are not covered by regular policies, but there are affordable options to add that protection, which is highly recommended.

Most often, mold damage isn’t covered by Florida insurance companies either. However, if it is the result of a covered leak, then you may have the possibility of coverage. Policies often have a cap on how much is covered so a rider may have to be purchased to cover the full extent of the damage.

If your claim gets denied or underpaid…

If you had the proper insurance coverage and were denied or your claim was underpaid, you may employ the services of a homeowners insurance claim attorney.

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DISCILAIMER: The information in this article is purely for educational purposes, reflective of the time it was published. It is not to be understood as legal advice.