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Has your business or commercial property been damaged or destroyed beyond repair due to a flood, fire, act of God or vandalism? Contact the experienced attorneys at David Low & Associates, P.A. the commercial property claims attorney in Fort Lauderdale, FL before you call the insurance company. Many property owners are unsure of what their insurance policy covers and where it may be lacking. Rely on the expertise of commercial property claims lawyers David Low & Associates, P.A. to navigate the waters of insurance claims.

Our dependable attorneys know how complicated insurance policies and claims for business properties in the state of Florida can be. Property owners often overlook possible benefits available to them simply because they do not know they’re available. Have David Low & Associates, P.A. the expert commercial property claims law firm in Florida look over your policy and help you file your claim correctly. We can also work to help you receive past due payments, partial payments and claim denials from insurance companies.

Our team of attorneys and paralegals work quickly on your behalf to cover the entire claims process including mediation of coverage disputes, settlement negotiations, claim presentation, insurance claim appeals and bad faith insurance claims when necessary. We will investigate all aspects of your policy and claim in detail. David Low & Associates, P.A. located in Fort Lauderdale can address commercial property claims from the standpoint of the building, contents and stock, and extra expenses after a destructive fire, flood, hurricane or act of vandalism. We inspect, coordinate, calculate, analyze, prepare and advise for any aspect of your communication with an insurer after a significant business interruption.

For an initial consultation, complimentary policy evaluation and property inspection, contact David Low & Associates, P.A. the expert commercial property claims lawyers in Florida by phone at 844-96-CLAIM. Our associates are always available to help! All you have to do is give us a call.