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A flood is a natural event where a piece of land that is usually dry suddenly gets submerged under water. Flooding can occur from excessive rainfall, burst pipes, storm surge or flood from a hurricane storm, sometimes resulting in property and home massive damages.
If your property had a flood and you want to file a lawsuit against your your property insurance company. Contact the flood damage insurance claims lawyers in Fort Lauderdale at David Low & Associates, P.A. Today at  https://davidlowpa.com

In the event when your abode gets flooded because of a natural famine or weather atrocities, you might be left overwhelmed seeing the amount of damage caused to your property. All your valuable articles such as family heirlooms, luxurious furniture, and every other item of importance gone into shambles in just a matter a time. In such a scenario, having a flood insurance policy can serve as a ray of hope.
Holding a flood insurance policy will ensure that the repair and renewal work is covered under insurance. The main issue of concern is the amount of insurance that you will receive. In case you feel that the amount of recovery is not what you were entitled for, it is best to consult a flood damage insurance claims attorney.
It is of utmost importance to make your move precisely and be aware of the insurance filing process at each and every step. The steps involved are as follows:

  • Consult the insurance provider: The very first step in the process is to contact your insurance provider for getting the claims. Floods can hamper the mobility, thus let the situation settle and the adjuster to get in touch with you. Keep your policy number in handy.
  • Take pictures of the damage done: Refrain yourself from performing cleaning chores. The damage done to the property will not be visible if you start cleaning your property immediately after the flood. If you wish to clean the property, make sure that you document all the losses in the form of pictures or videos. Present it in front of the adjuster when he/she visits you for negotiations.
  • Attest the “proof of loss statement”: When the adjuster visits you, the whole property will be inspected for losses and damages suffered. You will have to sign a “proof of loss statement” which depicts that all items damaged have been duly assessed and inspected by the adjuster.

Looking for Flood Damage Insurance Claims Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale? Get in touch with our experienced lawyers. At David Low & Associates, P.A., we focus on rendering the best services to our clients. We serve on contingency basis and will do everything to get you your rights. Contact us at 844-96-CLAIM