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Jasen & Jennifer

University of Commerce

Per our contract with you as our attorneys in reference to the case of damage our property in September 2017 from Hurricane Irma, we want to write this letter as a BIG THANK YOU for helping us. We hired your firm on January 4, 2018, and it has been a long road trying to deal with our insurance company. Their lack of taking care of their insured, namely us, led to your filing suit on our behalf. This was quite an ordeal for us which was finally over last week -one year later, September 2018. We have much enjoyed working with Derek and his paralegal, Jorge. Jorge has been helpful and very patient with us, as the clients are often at their wit’s end in these dealings. Jorge was quick to respond and reply with details to Derek. He was kind in tone and respectful of our opinions and impatience at the source. Derek was also understanding, patient, and very explanatory when we questioned the when, where, how, what, and why of every step. He was very quick to respond to our calls, emails, and inquiries on different matters during the stages of this process. We were and still are very ,very happy that we had Derek at our side. He has a wonderful personality, and although this is not a prerequisite for being an attorney, it sure is a helpful quality in the realm of humanity, as it is humans whom you actually represent, humans with homes, damage, and problems. I cannot say enough good things about our experiences with Derek, and we feel as if he is trustworthy and extremely competent as an attorney. I would highly recommend him again and again to friends and colleagues for his professional services. THANKS DEREK!!! In closing, we just want to say thanks. We are so happy that we found your firm. It is a shame that folks like us would have to actually hire an attorney firm to assist in getting the insurance company to do the right thing as they should have done from the outset, but that just shows you how untrustworthy some insurance companies are. This is very unfair to homeowners, and laws should be changed to address these blatant inadequacies in how insurance companies treat homeowners after a claim is filed, but we are so happy that you were there for us when we desperately needed legal representation. We wish your firm all the best! Thank you again. Sincerely, The Love’s – Jasen & Jennifer