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If your home recently suffered damage from a hurricane or storm, or through water or fire damage, you rely on your insurance company to provide you with the money you need to fix the problem. You have been paying premiums on your insurance policy, so when you need them to provide you with assistance, they should. In such a scenarios, it is ideal to consult with homeowners insurance claims lawyers in Fort Lauderdale.

There are many reasons why an insurance company may choose not honor your claim (number of recent claims, the extent/type of damage, etc.). You have a right to get compensation for your property’s damages, but the process to obtain it may be complicated. Therefore, it is essential to hire the services of homeowners insurance claims lawyers.

The experienced and knowledgeable professionals at David Low & Associates, P.A. in Fort Lauderdale, FL can fight your homeowner’s insurance claim in the state of Florida. Our homeowners insurance lawyers in Florida have over a decade of combined experience working with homeowners and their insurance claims.

Our insurance claims lawyers offer free policy evaluation and free property inspection services to collect all the information we need to fight for your denied claim. We take all essential aspects of the case into consideration and employ the best minds in figuring out the best solutions to all your property claim problems. All you have to do is provide us with the necessary information that will benefit your case.

Whether you have broken pipes, a leaky roof or a flooded basement, we have work to get the insurance company to give you the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. Contact our insurance company litigation lawyers representing clients from Jacksonville to The Keys by calling 844-96-CLAIM. You will be assisted by our homeowners insurance claims attorneys.

Has your business or commercial property been damaged or destroyed beyond repair due to a flood, fire, act of God or vandalism? Contact the experienced attorneys at David Low & Associates, P.A. the commercial property claims attorney in Fort Lauderdale, FL before you call the insurance company. Many property owners are unsure of what their insurance policy covers and where it may be lacking. Rely on the expertise of commercial property claims lawyers David Low & Associates, P.A. to navigate the waters of insurance claims.

Our dependable attorneys know how complicated insurance policies and claims for business properties in the state of Florida can be. Property owners often overlook possible benefits available to them simply because they do not know they’re available. Have David Low & Associates, P.A. the expert commercial property claims law firm in Florida look over your policy and help you file your claim correctly. We can also work to help you receive past due payments, partial payments and claim denials from insurance companies.

Our team of attorneys and paralegals work quickly on your behalf to cover the entire claims process including mediation of coverage disputes, settlement negotiations, claim presentation, insurance claim appeals and bad faith insurance claims when necessary. We will investigate all aspects of your policy and claim in detail. David Low & Associates, P.A. located in Fort Lauderdale can address commercial property claims from the standpoint of the building, contents and stock, and extra expenses after a destructive fire, flood, hurricane or act of vandalism. We inspect, coordinate, calculate, analyze, prepare and advise for any aspect of your communication with an insurer after a significant business interruption.

For an initial consultation, complimentary policy evaluation and property inspection, contact David Low & Associates, P.A. the expert commercial property claims lawyers in Florida by phone at 844-96-CLAIM. Our associates are always available to help! All you have to do is give us a call at 844-96-CLAIM.

Hurricanes form over warm ocean waters and turn into large swirling storms. They can produce winds of 85 miles per hour or even higher. When a hurricane forms, their winds can damage buildings and trees. Heavy rain also occurs during a hurricane, which can cause flooding.
If you own a property that has been suffered from a Hurricane massive damage and you want to file a lawsuit against your property insurance company. Contact David Low P.A. Today at https://davidlowpa.com. The hurricane damage insurance claims lawyers in Fort Lauderdale will assist you with your case.

Hurricanes can be a catastrophic experience. One can witness immense property damage because of the occurrence of a hurricane. If you are somebody whose property has been extremely damaged because of a hurricane, or any other form of a weather calamity, it is ideal to employ the assistance of hurricane damage insurance claims lawyer. In order to file a claim one can follow the below mentioned steps

Enlist the property damage: After the hurricane, the very first step that should be on your list of to-do things is to take an inventory round of your home or commercial property. Make notes of the property damage done by the hurricane. It can be the damage to your home TV set, motor vehicle, furniture, and any other article of importance and value. You can also take pictures of the damage which can be produced as evidence later.
Re-check the insurance policy: The limit of the coverage of your claim will ascertain the the sum of your property damage and claim. It is essential to check your insurance claim and appoint a hurricane damage insurance claims attorney.
Refrain from cleaning: Once the hurricane has settled, you might feel the urge to clean up the mess and resume your routine life. But one shall refrain from making any permanent repairs to the property. The adjuster might request you to show the property damage and offer a good payout. Cleaning up the mess might affect the amount of claim.
Submit your insurance claim: The last step in the process is to finally submit your insurance claim. It is recommended to avoid any delays for quick and smooth proceedings.
Want to get your property inspected after the hurricane for filing insurance claims? Get expert consultation from hurricane damage insurance attorneys in Florida. Reach us at 844-96-CLAIM

A windstorm is a storm with heavy winds but little or no rain. Windstorms can last for a few minutes, a few hours or even several days. Their winds can go as fast as 45 miles per hour or more. Windstorms can produce power outages and falling trees, often leading to property damage. In such a situation, it is essential to take guidance from windstorm damage insurance claims in Fort Lauderdale.
Many properties in Florida are damaged every year as a result of windstorm or Hurricane winds.
If you own a property that has been suffered from a windstorm damage and you want to file a lawsuit against your your property insurance company. Contact the windstorm damage insurance claims attorneys in Florida at David Low & Associates, P.A. Today. Visit https://davidlowpa.com

Have you been a victim of a winstorm? And has all your property, whether residential or commercial suffered great loss during the event of a windstorm? It is ideal to call the expert professionals at David Low P.A. for extracting your insurance claims. Make sure that you approach us for the windstorm damage insurance claims before approaching the insurance company. Many times, the homeowners are unaware of the damages that the insurance company is covering. WE will critically evaluate each and every aspect of your insurance policy and help you in getting the right amount for your claims.

The attorneys here, at David Low P.A. have decades of experience and are well-aware of the existing industry norms. We will not charge a single dime from out clients until we win the case for you. We serve on contingency basis. Get effective assistance on windstorm damage insurance claims in Florida with us. Our professionals are available 24*7 to assist and guide you through the whole process. Give us a call at 844-96-CLAIM

Roof Damage can be caused by several factors. Poor maintenance, age, storms or just season after season of normal wind and rain can turn minor damage into a major problem. Strong winds and hurricane storms often result in damaged roofs in Florida.
Roof leaks or missing tiles can cause Home Damages and small leaks can end up in mold growth.
If you own a property that has been suffered from a Roof Damages and you want to file a lawsuit against your your property insurance company. Contact the roof damage insurance claims lawyers at David Low & Associates, P.A. Today at https://davidlowpa.com

It is a lifesaving event when you receive your money from the insurance claims filed. There might be a lot of money at stake, and you might be worried about the amount of claim that you will receive as the adjusters will try to grant you the smallest amount possible. It is essential to file for a roof damage insurance claims. For this, it is of utmost importance to consult a roof damage insurance claims attorney in Fort Lauderdale.

The process of filing for roof damage insurance claims in Florida can be a daunting task. But if filed for as soon as the damage is discovered, the process can be carried forward quickly and smoothly.

In order to get the right compensation for your roof damage, below mentioned are top five things that you require to perform to file for the damaged roofing system.

  1. Get in touch with a qualified contractor: If you wish to file for a roofing insurance claim, it is necessary to get in touch with a qualified contractor.
  2. Give evidence of damage: Before getting the roof repaired, make sure you take pictures of the damage. You will have to produce it as a proof of damage in front of the adjuster.
  3. Keep a check on your insurance policy: Be aware of the elements that your insurance company covers. Go through the policy once before signing for the claim.
  4. Fix a meeting with the adjuster: After making the claim, you can expect the adjuster to give you a call within 72 hours of filing. The adjuster will visit your home and investigate about the damage.

If your roof has been damaged because of extreme weather conditions, get the assistance of roof damage insurance claims lawyers at David Low & Associates, P.A. Get in touch with our professionals at 844-96-CLAIM.

Burst pipes are very common at home and in public areas mainly in old homes of Florida. Pipes can burst for a variety of reasons, ranging from age and damage to high pressure or misuse . A burst pipe can damage your property and lead to a water damage and mold growth that is expensive to repair especially if flooding damages the flooring, walls, Kitchen cabinets and personal belongings.
If your filed or want to file a lawsuit against your homeowner insurance carrier regarding burst pipes insurance claims in Florida, please contact David Low & Associates, P.A. Today at https://davidlowpa.com

Imagine yourself in a situation where you enter your home only to find a large gaping hole in one of the plumbing pipes. It is sure to leave your house in a watery mess. Burst pipes are potentially a result of clustered water pressure. Lack of insulation can lead to such irreplaceable problems. You might spend months in looking for the right contractor to make the amends. Your insurance company might advise you some names who you can eventually contact in order to get the burst pipes rectified and corrected. It is essential to contact a burst pipes insurance claims attorney in Florida if you are denied your actual insurance rights. At David Low & Associates, P.A., team of learned and experienced team will assist you in rightfully dealing with your case.

Burst pipes can certainly cause a lot of damage to your home. On contacting the insurance company, you might be denied your right and may only be rewarded with meagre repair amount. In such a scenario, it is beneficial to consult a burst pipes insurance claims lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. There are certain things that should always be kept in mind before filing for burst pipes insurance claims. One must make sure that ample pictures are taken of the damage done by the burst pipes. This will help in making appropriate negotiations with the adjuster.

At David Low & Associates, P.A. the attorneys are committed to delivering the best services to the clients at the most affordable rates. Our lawyers are proficient in giving quick and effective solutions for your cases. All you have to do is give our experts a call at 844-96-CLAIM.

A flood is a natural event where a piece of land that is usually dry suddenly gets submerged under water. Flooding can occur from excessive rainfall, burst pipes, storm surge or flood from a hurricane storm, sometimes resulting in property and home massive damages.
If your property had a flood and you want to file a lawsuit against your your property insurance company. Contact the flood damage insurance claims lawyers in Fort Lauderdale at David Low & Associates, P.A. Today at  https://davidlowpa.com

In the event when your abode gets flooded because of a natural famine or weather atrocities, you might be left overwhelmed seeing the amount of damage caused to your property. All your valuable articles such as family heirlooms, luxurious furniture, and every other item of importance gone into shambles in just a matter a time. In such a scenario, having a flood insurance policy can serve as a ray of hope.
Holding a flood insurance policy will ensure that the repair and renewal work is covered under insurance. The main issue of concern is the amount of insurance that you will receive. In case you feel that the amount of recovery is not what you were entitled for, it is best to consult a flood damage insurance claims attorney.
It is of utmost importance to make your move precisely and be aware of the insurance filing process at each and every step. The steps involved are as follows:

  • Consult the insurance provider: The very first step in the process is to contact your insurance provider for getting the claims. Floods can hamper the mobility, thus let the situation settle and the adjuster to get in touch with you. Keep your policy number in handy.
  • Take pictures of the damage done: Refrain yourself from performing cleaning chores. The damage done to the property will not be visible if you start cleaning your property immediately after the flood. If you wish to clean the property, make sure that you document all the losses in the form of pictures or videos. Present it in front of the adjuster when he/she visits you for negotiations.
  • Attest the “proof of loss statement”: When the adjuster visits you, the whole property will be inspected for losses and damages suffered. You will have to sign a “proof of loss statement” which depicts that all items damaged have been duly assessed and inspected by the adjuster.

Looking for Flood Damage Insurance Claims Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale? Get in touch with our experienced lawyers. At David Low & Associates, P.A., we focus on rendering the best services to our clients. We serve on contingency basis and will do everything to get you your rights. Contact us at 844-96-CLAIM

Fire damage is damage caused to a building or other property during the course of a fire. The effects of fire damage can be devastating and far-reaching. Fires often lead to smoke damage, potentially water damage from firefighting efforts and extensive property damage.
If you own a property that has been suffered from a fire damage and you want to file a lawsuit against your your property insurance company. Contact the fire damage insurance claims lawyers at David Low & Associates, P.A. Today at  https://davidlowpa.com

We, at David Low & Associates, P.A., understand the extent of damage that a fire accident can do to your property. The fire damage insurance claims attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, have decades of experience in handling fire damage insurance claims in Florida. Fire hazards can be lethal and life-threatening events. In order to cover the damages done, it is essential you hire the expert services of the fire damage insurance claims attorneys at David Low & Associates, P.A.

The loss from fire damage can be irreparable. This is the perfect time of making use of your fire insurance policy and claim for the amount of repairs and renewals. In case you are denied your rightful claim, you must get in touch with a fire damage insurance claims lawyer. While the adjuster is conducting investigation and ascertaining the amount of damage done, make sure every nook and corner of the property is properly inspected.

The lawyers at David Low & Associates, P.A. are well aware of all prevailing industrial norms and laws and will help you in getting the claim that you deserve. Our expert lawyers will make a full analysis of your case and keep you informed on each and every step. Get in touch with us today! Call us at 844-96-CLAIM.

Immediately after a natural calamity strikes, the property might suffer extreme damage. Obviously, you expect your property insurance provider to immediately accept your claim and provide you the right compensation. Since you’ve never missed out on paying the premium on time, you expect that you would receive the genuine compensation from your respective insurance company. But that does not happen. It can be disturbing to find out that even after religiously paying the premium amount to the insurance company, you are paid only the partial compensation. In such a scenario, you can file for underpaid insurance claims in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

There are a number of reasons because of which you get partially paid for the insurance claim. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

Repairs and renewals before documenting the actual damage: After the property damage, you might immediately resort to repairing and renewing the property. In the haste, you might forget to take pictures of the actual damage for submitting it to the insurance company as proof of damage. The insurance company will thus compensate you as per the evidence. This is where you will be partially compensated for the claim.

False value projection: Many times the insurance companies hire the best in the industry adjusters to evaluate the property after damage. However, even the best adjusters falsely project the actual amount of damage. As per the reports provided by the adjuster, the insurance company determines the insurance claim amount. And if this is the case, you can hire an insurance claims lawyer who can help you get the right compensation.

Location of the property: The location of the property plays a major role in determining the amount of compensation of the claim filed. If the property is located in an area that falls under the high-risk zone, the insurance company might use this to underpay the insurance claim amount.

Profitability: Insurance companies run on the motive of earning profits. Their main agenda is to minimize payouts by underpaying insurance claims and increase cash in-flows. Insurance providers use various strategies to achieve this. It is the responsibility of the policyholder to be well-versed with the insurance claim policy.

The attorneys at David Low & Associates P.A. are skilled and hold years of experience in handling client queries. We prioritize the legal challenges faced by our clients and strive to get them the compensation they deserve. We are committed to meeting client requirements by providing quality services at affordable prices.

Are you looking for experienced attorneys for underpaid insurance claims in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? Call the experts at David Low Associates & P.A. For more information, call at 844-96-CLAIM.

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